Employer Frequently Asked Questions

What effect do your clinics have on primary care utilization?

IMWell Health primary care clinics have a positive impact on utilization and will typically account for half your primary care visits during the first year, and will plateau off in the following years at around 60% of your total primary care visits (per employee with access). Utilizing the Patient Centered Medical Home Concept we will actually increase the overall number of primary care visits among your employees while incorporating disease management and wellness programs that will lower your overall healthcare costs and improve the health of your workforce.

Do your on-site and multi-employer clinics translate into healthcare saving?

Yes, the data shows our clinics produce savings through incidence rates and cost variances of managing chronic illnesses, reducing emergency room utilization, increasing generic drug utilization and reducing unnecessary specialty visits. While it is difficult to reliably estimate savings in other areas our clients report this significant health benefit also creates savings in improved productivity, reduced catastrophic claims, reduced absenteeism, enhanced retention, etc. For more information about reducing your healthcare costs please visit our Results page.

Do your clinics collect a co-pay?

Typically, our clients have chosen to waive co-pays, coinsurance and deductibles for their covered populations. This is a direct result of their desire to enhance access to the IMWell Health On-Site or Multi-Employer Clinic where quality healthcare is provided at a discount. Ultimately this arrangement generates healthier and more productive employees who appreciate this extraordinary health benefit.

How do you verify employee eligibility?

Historically or clients have allowed anyone covered on the companies health plan to access the clinic, and we verify eligibility online through the employers TPA. Eligibility can be customized to suit your needs.

Do you have experience providing claims to 3rd party data warehouses to track cost, utilization and employee treatments?

Yes, we can and do send data extracts to 3rd party data warehouses.

What types of reports are available to the employer?

Our electronic medical records allow us to provide quarterly reports on clinic utilization. Additionally we can collaborate with your data warehouse vendor to further define any additional information that you would like to monitor.

How does the clinic handle medical equipment and supplies?

With our multi-employer clinic model there are no equipment costs for the employer. While with the on-site clinic model, IMWell Health will arrange for the purchase all durable medical equipment and labs as pass through the expenses at direct cost to our clients.

How are lab fees handled?

Our dedicated on-site clinics are set up as fixed costs, where all lab fees are a pass-through expense at our direct cost. This typically accounts for a seventy percent savings off of what you are currently paying from your allowable fee schedule. Conversely, our multi-employer clinics are set up in a fee for service arrangement, so that you have access to a full time clinic but only pay for the services you use. In this arrangement all medical services including labs are billed at a discounted fee for service.

Are there special requirements for security via HIPAA?

Yes, all services, Electronic Medical Records and data storage are HIPAA compliant.

Can you provide on-site generic drug dispensing?

Yes, as permitted by all state laws and regulations.

What marketing materials or communications are used to promote the clinic?

IMWell Health can and does provide postcards, brochures, payroll stuffers, break room posters, mailers, employee meetings, etc. to promote the clinic with our clients needs in mind.

How long is the average appointment?

That depends on the type of clinical visit needed. A regular appointment allows for 15-30 minutes per visit, most of that time being spent with the provider. However we have also developed Fast Track appointments that are 15 minutes or less, for those times when there is an acute care need that can be addressed quickly.

What is the average number of patients a provider will see in a day?

IMWell Health providers will see an average of 17-22 patients per day.

Can services be provided for things that are not covered under the health plan?

Yes with employer approval.

How do you get feedback from employees that have used the clinic?

Our patients tend to share their thoughts about our primary care services because they love the added benefits. So we do our best to keep up with their feedback through printed survey cards that can be found in each clinic and their own correspondence, which we receive on a regular basis.

Do you have additional educational resources available to employees outside the clinic?

Yes while our providers and the resources they provide are the greatest medical resource for employees our Wellness Information page is a continually updated resource for our patient’s health and chronic disease management needs.

What metrics can you use to track clients improvements?

Because we utilize electronic medical records we have advanced reporting capabilities.


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