How Does It Work?

The unique structure of our on-site and multi-employer healthcare clinics

Multi-Employer Healthcare Clinics

  • No start-up costs—IMWell Health funds the space, staff, supplies and equipment
  • Per employee per month pricing
  • Open forty hours each week, enhancing employee access at a location only a short drive away
  • Staffing is adjusted as more clients participate

On-Site Healthcare Clinics

  • Are developed with fixed fees for large employers
  • Have labs and disposable medical equipment set up as pass through expenses at our direct cost
  • Virtually eliminate all travel time to and from the clinic, maximizing accessibility and productivity
  • Dedicated solely to your covered population allowing for an even greater level of customized solutions

IMWell Health Plan Design Considerations

  • Our clinics supplement your existing health related programs and healthcare delivery system
  • You maintain the core components of your existing plan design
  • Freedom to access any PPO provider
  • Includes covered dependents
  • No copay, coinsurance, or deductible