What We Do

It All Starts with Our Patients

At IMWell Health, our primary focus is the health and well-being of our patients. As a result, we transform your patient experience with outstanding medical care and significant patient benefits which add to the overall quality and experience of your clinic visits. Our clinical models are intentionally designed to enhance your current health related programs and will effectively work with your PPO, PBM, or other medical management vendors. We can significantly lower your overall healthcare costs, improve the effectiveness of your company’s current health programs and improve the health and productivity of your employees.

Reduce and Manage Your Healthcare Costs

Our clients benefit from substantial savings in the cost differences between our healthcare services and those from other network providers in the traditional insurance, medical marketplace. As a result our clients have:


Decreased the cost of managing chronic conditions


Reduced unnecessary emergency room visits


Increased generic drug utilization to levels

Improve Health and Productivity

Your most significant savings comes from improvements in employee health and productivity. We treat everything from acute conditions to chronic disease and deliver quality healthcare at an exceptional value and an unequaled level of service.

Strengthen the Health of Your Workforce

  • Provide your employees with the highest quality medical care
  • Remove traditional barriers to accessing valuable healthcare
  • Generate positive changes in the health of your workforce
Boost Employee Productivity

IMWell Health Clinics are designed to significantly reduce the time your employees need to maintain their health.

Increase Job Satisfaction and Employee Retention

  • Reduced transit and wait times
  • Same day/next day access to care
  • No out-of-pocket expense
  • Service for their covered family members
  • Increased time with their healthcare provider

Producing Results

At IMWell Health, our medical teams focus on providing evidenced-based health care that produces measurable clinical and financial results. Through our electronic health record, we are able to track and report on clinical outcomes such as diabetes control, hypertension and high cholesterol. IMWell Health then uses these results to continually improve the quality of care delivered by our providers.

We identify non-compliant patients and formulate outreach strategies to improve employee compliance, which results in a measurable decrease in emergency room visits, hospitalizations and lost time from work. These trends result in an overall decrease in your total healthcare spending. Find out more about our Proven Results for Employers HERE.


Primary Patient Care Services

Our primary patient care services include (but are not limited to:)
  • Treatment of common illnesses and minor injuries
  • Diagnosis and treatment of common diseases including chronic disease evaluation, monitoring, and care management
  • Access to wellness programs, life style coaching and motivation (weight loss, smoking cessation, disease management, etc.)
  • Preventative care and comprehensive physical exams (age appropriate physicals, routine gynecological exams, etc.)
  • Diagnostic testing and screenings including on-site general lab work
  • Minor procedures and wound care to include suturing, simple biopsies and EKGs
  • Assistance with tailoring prescription medications to improve medical treatment and save money
  • Administration of adult immunizations and vaccinations
  • Utilization of Electronic Medical Records with referral management and e-prescribing to the pharmacy of choice
  • Coordination of health fairs or other wellness programs
  • Automated appointment reminders

Take the opportunity to learn more about IMWell Health and how we can help you manage your healthcare costs while improving the health of your employees.
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